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Bio and Schools.

Born in Savona (Liguria, Italy) on the 02/ 21/1980.
Rossana is a really versatile artist. Graduated 100% (60/60 maximum grade) of Artistic Lyceum "Arturo Martini" (Savona, year  1998) and graduated also in Chiavari Comics School (2001). In Chiavari's Comics school she became a teacher, growing as an full all-around artist. From this time on, she will work on different projects and jobs. She is hardly bound in Comics Artist template, or Painter Template, she is definitely a seeker of her Arts, no matter where it takes or what it takes. She loves taking the brush, painting as much as making a full wonderful graphic novel. She's done everything and still she seeks to improve and wants more from herself and her Art.
In brief
Graduate of Artistic Lyceum "Arturo Martini" (Savona, year  1998). Graduate of "Scuola Chiavarese del Fumetto" (Chiavari, Comics School year 2001).
Illustrator, Comics Illustrator/Drawing/Coloring, Painter, Designer etc, etc.
Work  with "Editori folli" (Crazy Editors) Editions for 2 comics books "Iniziazioni" (Initiations) and "Un giorno nella vita" (A day in life).
Work with "Ant's book" in making of many Illustrated Books like: "Atlas illustrado de los Animales" for Todolibro Editions (Spain), "Les Creatures Fantastiques" for Piccolia Editions (France),"Les Creatures Mitologiques" for Piccolia Editions (France).
Work with "Red Glove"  for making of Card Game "The big cheese"  (Italian version of the card game).
Huge experience in Drawing, Sketching, Illustration, Painting, School Illustration, Comics,  Satire Comics and Illustration, Pottery painting (typical Liguria form of  Majolica Pottery Painting!), and many many other things. Drawing for Star Trek (Italian RPG Edition). Tarot Decks. Fantasy Books, Poem Boooks in progress (for many small Editor Houses here in Italy).
Winner of Palladium Rifts Anniversary Art Contest 2010  "Best B/W" (printed in Rifters n.51)
Winner of Romics 2011 “L’altro… classico a fumetti” Original New Comics Contest (with "MobDY'kk") together with Alessandro Sidoti (writer).
latest jobs
"Piemonte Noir" (series of Piemont theme Yellow books) many book covers published with "La Stampa" major Italian newspaper by Edizioni del Capricorno.
"DVGiochi "BANG! THE DUEL" (card game translated in 5 languages). DVGiochi "Bang The Renegades" (2019) card game expansions.
Working on "Balthazar The Relentless" (Dimoon) graphic novel series.
Worked on "Fenris The Invincible" and "Hvergelmir Springs" (Dimoon) Viking Medieval graphic novel mini series.
Working on "Moby Dick 31" (Dimoon) graphic novel SCI-FI series.
Working on "Ars Moriendi" (Dimoon) medieval roleplaying game.
write me
Comics, illustration, special project? I'm in!
I am as adaptable as it needs to be and I am ready for each task. Just ask for info, down here. Drop few lines (English, French or Italian please).
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